Raleigh Skyline

Pinehurst Club House

When Tobacco Was King

Click on any of the images above to see the individual images that where used to make the panorama. 

What is Panorama Photography?
Panorama photography is a technique that allow you to capture a scene that is wider than just one exposure. Done right, it can depict a dramatic landscape in great detail.   

Tips for Getting Great Panoramas
Use a lens between 40 and 100 mm or greater. Wide angle lens can create distortion on the edges. That can be fixed in post processing, but getting it right in-camera is preferred.   

Keep the focal distance the same 

Use Manual Mode to get the same exposure for each image. The exposure needs to be consistent to get the best results. Good results can be achieved in Aperture Priority Mode, if you are not comfortable with Manual Mode.   

Lowest ISO possible and still get good exposure

f/11 or higher to get as much of the scene in focus as possible  

Expose for the brightest part of the scene 

The focus needs to be consistent throughout all the frames, so focus 1/3 way into the scene then turn off turn off auto focus.

It is best to center yourself on the scene, if possible, then capture images from left to right. 

Take vertical  images to get the best quality

Keep the camera level, making sure not to cut off any elements that are high of low

A tripod is optional, but recommended for low light and images that require a lot of Depth of Field. If on a tripod, turn off image stabilization on your lens.     

Shoot in RAW to get the best results in post process.

If your images were taken in RAW, Lightroom creates a panorama in RAW format giving you more control over the final image. 

Shoot from left to right

Overlap by 30%

Take a picture of the ground after the last pano. It makes it easier tin post processing to find the last frame.   

Use a lens hood to stop lens flare, if you have one, but take off and polarizing filters. 

Stitch your images in Microsoft Image Composite Editor, a free software tool, or any other software you may find. A free App for Apple mobile devices I have used is called Photo Stitch. While Microsft ICE can read RAW files, Photo Stitch only can read JPEG.                   

Photo Challenge
Take at least 3  images and turn them into a panorama. 

Use LightRoom to stitch your images together, then edit them. Experiment with using more than 3 images. The nice thing about using LightRoom and shooting in RAW is that the final panorama image will still be in RAW, allowing for more editing options.