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Essence of Place: America's Southwest

Pinehurst, North Carolina
January 14, 2020

One of the benefits of joining a photography club is to visit far-off places, learning new things and understanding different cultures. We experienced all of that, and more, as photographic artist, Chris Ogden took the Sandhill Photography Club on a trip to America’s Southwest during his presentation, ‘Essence of Place’, at the January meeting.

Members listened intently as Chris encouraged us to express the soul of our subjects, find unique compositions and inject feelings into our photography. “Photography is all about making people feel or think,'' Chris said. “Look for the essence, boil it down, shoot differently, and shoot from your heart” were a key takeaways from his 90-minute presentation.

Thru is photography, we took a trip to see places like the Great Salt Lake, Utah’s Bryce Canyon and the Badlands of South Dakota. We learned how the Anasazi Indians honored their dead, what crepuscular rays and lenticular cloud are, what ‘truck hiking’ is all about, and much more.

Chris’ passion for photography and love of the outdoors comes through in all his work. A graduate of Duke University, he has traveled from the Arctic to the Antarctic to capture our natural word. He leads expeditions, conducts workshops and coaches clients to make quantum leaps in their own work. We are fortunate to attract someone like Chris Ogden to our club. You can learn more about Chris by visiting www.ChrisOgden.com