Why Are You a Photographer?

Recently I received a call from a nice lady in Florida, Carol. She got my name from the local newspaper and wanted to know if I could take photos of her husband and son on the golf course the next day.

I said no, but boy I'm sure glad she changed my mind.

Now I know that every golfer wants their picture taken on the golf course. And I know how special father-son golf is. But when Carol told me that her husband sufferers with a condition that may limit his golf-playing days, I had to say yes.

The photos I took may not mean much to most - but to this visiting family from South Florida, they are now part of their life story.

"I wasn’t sure what to expect but these exceeded what I had imagined. Because of you and your photographic talent, you made their getaway into a trip that will be a highlight of their life. I truly appreciate it." Carol said.

The moment I read Carol's text, it hit me! I knew in an instant why I am a photographer. A photographer can captures images that people have an emotional attachment to.

What Carol showed me was that I am happiest when I am capturing images of people doing what they love.

Everyone has a reason for lifting their camera up to their eye and snapping a photo. I know photographers that hate have people in their images and others that always take pictures of people. Some take photos to save memories of an adventure they took, record family events or shoot only sports or wildlife.

Why are you a photographer?