Low Light Photography

f/7.1, 5 sec, ISO 800

Shooting in low light can challenge any photographer, but using the right settings and equipment you can master capture great shots.

  - Expose for the available light. 

 -  Go for a slow shutter speed, wide aperture and high ISO (400 - 800). The image above was taken at f/7.1, 5 seconds and ISO 800. A flash was used at the beginning of the exposure. 

 - Use a tripod to stabilize your camera.

 - Shoot in RAW to get more details.

 - Add a flash for some dramatic effects.

 - Experiment with different flash power. 

Photo Challenge

Use the guidelines above to take images in low light like the examples you see on this page. Bring the best 2 images to class for review. Post processing is allowed, but not required.        


Experiment by moving your camera while you are taking an exposure of a bright light source under low light conditions.  

Try light painting.