Camera Essentials 

4 Ways to fire the shutter

     Shutter Button
     Volume Up
     Ear Buds
     Remote shutter release 


    Tack Sharp Focus vs. Soft Focus

Focus and Recompose

    Tap and Hold AE/AF Lock

Hold Still

    Tuck your arms

    Lean against something

    Rest it on a table

Say No To Flash

    Unless you want the drivers license photo look


     Hidden Menu
     3s or 10s 

Aspect Ratio
     Hidden Menu
     Square, 4:3 or 16:9


    Exposure Compensation Slider

    Under exposed  and over Exposed

Get Close

    Macro is built in, as close as 3-inches

Ultra Wide Lens

   Equivalent to 13 mm on DSLR

Built-in Filters
    Hidden Menu

Burst Mode

     Slide shutter button to the left
     See the photos in the Bursts Album

Night Moves


Untitled photo