Always Bring Your Camera

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Things we learn the hard way.

"Begin with the end in mind" 
Dr. Stephen Covey

Want to take more amazing images? Yes, I know you do because you are dedicated and smart enough to read this blog..

One surefire way of taking more, better (that doesn’t sound right, right?) is to always leave the house with your camera and some sort of a plan for what to shoot that day. Ask yourself, is there a chance rain today or will it be sunny? How about that scene you passed by yesterday? Maybe today the light will be better. Is there something happening in the neighborhood, or at the library or at the zoo that may be interesting?

If you really want to kick-it-up-a-notch, spend 10 minutes the night before packing your camera bag, making sure to charge your battery and that your memory card has room. If you have an extra lens, be sure to pack it too.

Here is another reason to shoot every day. You need to take a lot of bad photos to start to take good ones. I should know! You need to take a lot of photos one day, look at them and throw out the bad ones, then repeat. Taking good photos takes time and practice.

This image was taken on my way into work. For more than two years, I made the 75-minute commute from Pinehurst to Raleigh and back each day, passing by this scene and thinking it would be a good place to capture the sunrise. It had a good foreground element, the pond aand tree line for a middlegound and the sky for the background.

All I needed was the sun. Of course, the sun rises at a slightly different time and place each day, so I had to wait to get the perfect shot with the golden light reflecting in the pond.

When I saw the clouds in the sky before the sun had even come up, I new I had a good chance to get the shot I wanted.

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Like a lot of things in life. planning goes a long way. Bring your camera everywhere you go. Find the beauty around you every day.

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